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The Amphicoach is the world's first true amphibious passenger coach, which is to be built under strict supervision by Lloyd's Register. Due to the vehicle's superior stability and safety features the Amphicoach is a Modern Technological Wonder and is setting benchmarks all through the amphibious world. This coach IS The One and Only fully Amphibious Passenger Vehicle to fully meet all relevant E.U.Legislation* including noise levels, exhaust emission levels, etc. We use only (Euro 5) emission packages, which can be supplied in Right or Left Hand Drive for the relevant country.

Amphibious Vehicles For Sale worldwide!

We are proud to announce the Expansion to our Range of Models.

We are now producing three separate models,

Luxury Model: As per the photos.

Standard Model: This is basically the same as the Luxury Model but without the luxuries.

Open Top Convertible Model: This completely new design is a revolutionary change, bringing the amphibious tourist vehicles into the 21st Century.

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Thu, 28th October, 2010
No Announcments Available
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