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The Amphicoach is an amphibious passenger coach built to the highest standards, using the best components, chassis and engines for reduced fuel consumption and a higher level of safety standards, finish and comfort.

Our vehicles have achieved certification for commercial use in eight countries to date over four continents. We are currently producing a vehicle for our eighth country, whilst separately working on pre certification to produce vehicles for a fourth continent.  

The Amphicoach is produced with a tried and tested revolutionary construction method that includes an internal chassis, thereby changing the whole process of purchasing our unique vehicles and even maintaining the vehicle’s once in operation. This ensures minimum loss of operation and revenue for servicing and repairs.

All of the above allows the company to offer a larger product portfolio and to offer a manufacturing period of 24 weeks throughout most of the range*

*Subject to standard vehicle specifications of certain vehicles within the range and is not inclusive of increased construction time due to the extensive optional extras available to clients upon selecting the best vehicle to suit their needs and possible additional requirements of local authorities from the vehicles intended area of use. The manufacturing period also varies depending on payment terms.

All of the vehicles offered by us, can be purchased with newly revised payment terms that are “tailor” made to meet with the delivery expectations of interested parties.
Current portfolio of amphibious products available as of 2016;
  • Amphicoach Luxury passenger coach
  • Amphicoach City tour specification (available in fully enclosed, semi enclosed and fully open variations)
  • Amphicoach All year round city tour specification (please contact us for further details)
  • Amphicoach Theme Park Specification (extensive range of possibilities)
  • AmphiRescue
  • AmphiAmbulance
  • AmphiFire
  • Floating trailers for ice roads
  • Bespoke Vehicles (contact us for further information regarding our unique vehicle modifications)

Please visit our gallery to see the Amphicoach in action.
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Latest News
Sat, 25th February, 2017

The first Amphicoach for Terengganu, Malaysia, will be complete and ready for shipment to its destination this month.

Our 2017 Amphicoach model, based on a DAF chassis, is being built to meet the latest European transport and European maritime regulations, and is almost complete. Initial testing is underway, and the results show that it is the fastest vehicle in the water that we have produced to date.  The certification process will commence in the very near future and the results will be uploaded to our website.

We have four Euro 5 vehicles available for sale, two of which are suitable for quick delivery and could be used from the start of the 2017 season. The remaining two can be built to customer requirements within a reasonable time frame. This is an opportunity to purchase an Amphicoach and save 40% on the latest Euro 6 retail price. Please check the previous models gallery page for photos of the Euro 5 model.

Latest vehicles are heading to Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and Istanbul in the very near future

The first Amphibious Search and Rescue Amphibious Utility Vehicle, by our company will be unveiled in the first half of 2017 with an extensive range of options, engines and propulsion units available.

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